Turtle Basking Platform by Crown x Starr: Product Review


As a turtle enthusiast, I understand the critical role that basking platforms play in the health and happiness of our shelled friends. That’s why I’m excited to share my thoughts on a specific turtle basking platform I’ve been using, which you can find here: Turtle Basking Platform by Crown x Starr.


Product Overview

Turtle Basking Platform by Crown x Starr

This basking platform is a well-crafted accessory designed to provide a natural and comfortable basking area for turtles. It’s spacious enough to accommodate different turtle sizes (even if your turtle is larger than 7 inches!) and the transparent acrylic material is aesthetically pleasing.

turtle basking platform

Key Features

The platform boasts a sturdy design, with panels ranging from 5mm to 7mm in thickness. To our knowledge, this is easily one of the more robust heavy duty platforms on the market.

Unlike some of the other brands and models, this turtle basking platform has a one piece ramp construction. This means that the ramp portion of the platform is seamlessly moulded to the flat basking surface. Thus, not only is it more aesthetically pleasing than 2 piece designs, but it is much more stable with unnoticeable flex. 

The ramp itself is set at a gentle 30° angle, making it easy to climb for most turtles. Long slotted holes provide excellent grip for the smallest to the largest turtles alike to climb up the ramp. It is apparent that a lot of thought has been put into many vital details.

turtle basking

Materials and Durability

Made with thick and durable acrylic, this platform is built to last and withstand the humid conditions of a turtle habitat. The acrylic surface is extremely strong for turtle basking purposes. Based on reading product reviews, some of the largest red eared sliders have not had any issues basking under the sun (or more specifically, the UV lamps).

red eared sliderturtle lamp

Benefits of Basking for Turtles

Understanding the Need for Basking in Turtles

Turtle basking is essential for the health and wellbeing of turtles, serving as a crucial activity for these reptiles. This process allows turtles to regulate their body temperature, absorb vital UV rays necessary for vitamin D3 synthesis, and prevent fungal infections. By basking, turtles can also dry their shells, reducing the risk of shell rot and promoting healthy shell growth. An adequate basking spot mimics their natural habitat, ensuring turtles lead a balanced and healthy life in captivity. Creating an optimal basking area is a key aspect of turtle care, enhancing their overall happiness and longevity in a controlled environment.

turtle dock

Behavioral Aspects

Regular basking opportunities contribute to happier, more active turtles, reflecting positively on their overall well-being and longevity in captive environments.


Installation and Setup

Setting Up the Basking Platform

Installation is straightforward, and it can be easily integrated into most turtle tanks. Upon unboxing, we quickly noticed the quality of the construction of each individual piece, such as the ramp, platform, hanger hooks, and even the synthetic grass was top notch.

The hangers/hooks were height adjustable, allowing users to position the ramp at the correct level relative to the aquarium’s water line. The only tool we needed was a standard Phillips screwdriver. In under 10 minutes, our brand new hanging basking platform was ready for action!

turtle ramp basking

Installation Tips


Again, it was very simple to install. We simply watched the installation video, which can be found by scanning the provided QR code. 


User Experience

Personal Experience with the Product

From our experience, this basking platform is a game-changer. Its design and functionality are top-notch. After having tried numerous other turtle basking platforms, we can totally appreciate this platform for having minimum moving pieces and as mentioned numerous times earlier, its top notch quality construction.


Ease of Use

It’s user-friendly, both for the turtle and the owner. Our red eared slider was climbing up the ramp and basking on the flat surface of the platform in no time. Some other customers have mentioned that it took their turtles a few tries before eventually settling in. Every turtle is different.


Pros and Cons

PROS: Huge, height adjustable by 14 inches, high quality construction, heavy duty, super easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, bonus turf, bonus water testing kit, incredible customer support.

CONS: Huge (again), slightly higher price.


Price and Value for Money

Despite the price, the quality and longevity make it a worthy investment. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This statement could not be more true. We absolutely love this platform!


Maintenance and Cleaning

There really isn’t much to say here, simply wipe acrylic parts with damp cloth. Super low maintenance requirements means the platform can stay in optimal condition for your turtle all the time.


Check your measurements

Based on our research, there are many who have reported that this platform setup is simply too large for their tanks. It is 18 x 16 inches after all! Typically, this means it is mostly suitable for tanks with at least a 65 gallon capacity. Depending on the dimensions of your tank, it is possible for this to fit in a smaller tank.

Based on our research, as long as the tank is at least 18 inches long and 18 inches wide, the turtle basking platform will fit with no issues. So even if you just can’t wait to get it right now on Amazon, do measure your tank to avoid disappointment. 



  • Is the platform suitable for large turtles?
    Yes, it is especially made for larger and heavier turtles. It can accommodate various sizes comfortably.
  • How often should the platform be cleaned?
    Regular cleaning, depending on usage, is recommended.
  • Can it be used in saltwater tanks?
    Yes, it’s suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Is the platform easy to install?
    Absolutely, with no complicated tools required. (Just a screwdriver will suffice)
  • Does it come with a warranty?
    Yes, many have reported experiencing great support and receiving free replacement parts upon request.


In conclusion, the Crown x Starr turtle basking platform is an excellent choice for all turtle owners. Its design, functionality, and durability make it a standout product. I highly recommend it to fellow turtle enthusiasts seeking a reliable and comfortable basking solution for their pets.


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